The Bisbee Inn/Hotel La More

About Bisbee

Hotel La More/The Bisbee InnNestled in the heart of the Mule Mountains, Bisbee in its heyday was the Queen of the Copper Camps and the largest city between St. Louis and San Francisco. Multiple fires like the ones that devastated San Francisco caused the city fathers to require more permanent building materials than wood, resulting in a charmingly preserved slice of architectural history unique in the West (as discovered by various film makers!).

The mile-high climate keeps the desert heat from being oppressive in summer and permits enjoyment of the four seasons. Our southwestern location means winters are mild. Add to that tremendous scenery and nature at her finest and Bisbee becomes a vacationer's dream.

From Hotel La More/The Bisbee Inn you can walk to most attractions in town. A great place to start your visit is the Queen Mine Tour. Just walk down OK Street, crossing Naco Road and continuing under the Highway 80 overpass and walk up the steps to the mine entrance. Both mine tours (miners' hats and jackets provided but be sure to wear a sweater as the temperature in the mine remains cool regardless of outside weather) and bus tours of Bisbee start from this spot and there is a great diorama in the adjacent building.

Bisbee InnThe Mining Museum is also a must-see for most visitors. As an affiliate of the Smithsonian Museum, extra attention has been paid to important details in designing a thoughtfully laid out tour of Bisbee's past as well as mineral exhibits, a gift shop and research library.

Of course hiking and biking are incredibly popular. Directly above Hotel La More/The Bisbee Inn is the famous "B" and further along is a shrine both of which can be accessed from the various staircases and pathways. Speaking of stairs, don't miss the annual "S.O.S.--Save Our Stairs" event or, for bikers, "La Vuelta de Bisbee." The Bisbee Chamber of Commerce also offers self-guided walking tours.

Shopping shouldn't be neglected either. You can wander throughout the town discovering unique gifts and art in our various galleries, stores and antiques shops. Be sure to rest frequently and rehydrate at one of our charming pubs, taverns or saloons and enjoy four-star dining or comfort foods in one of our many excellent eateries (see the front desk for a book of menus). Reservations are recommended for weekends.

So, welcome to Bisbee! Relax! Enjoy!