The history of Hotel La More/The Bisbee Inn predates its actual construction. Acquired from Mexico in 1853 as part of the Gadsden Purchase, Lots 11 and 12, Block One, of the Bisbee town site were deeded to the City of Bisbee by the U.S. Government in 1904 and purchased by J.P. Hill in 1905. Early photographs of this site on Chihuahua Hill show two wooden buildings, described in directories of the time as housing "rooms" and "furnished rooms."

Hotel La More/The Bisbee Inn As Bisbee prospered and grew, the dirt track leading along the lower slope of Chihuahua Hill, originally called "OK Trail," became OK Street. Lots 11 and 12 were sold to Mrs. S.P. Bedford who, in 1916, constructed a substantial, 24-room hotel building on the site of the wooden buildings which had been destroyed by fire.

Mrs. Bedford furnished the hotel and leased it to Mrs. Kate La More on October 1, 1917, for $160 per month. The 1917 Bisbee directory lists the "Hotel La More" as "just up the hill from the depot," with rates of $2 per day or $8 per week. The hotel was advertised as "the most modern in Bisbee."

Around 1922 or 1923 the lease reverted to Mrs. Bedford who continued to run the hotel under the La More name through the mid '20s. From 1925 until 1936 it operated under another owner until it was sold to Grace V. Waters who ran the establishment as the Waters Hotel. In the 1960s the hotel became a Peace Corps volunteer training center. Many of those Peace Corps volunteers still bring their friends and families to show them where they lived during that time.

The Historic Hotel La More--Our Neon Sign

In 1982 the old hotel underwent a Certified Historic Restoration and the name was changed to the Bisbee Inn. When it changed hands in 1996 a new round of renovations took place. Period carpeting and additional antique furniture complement the original oak dressers. The walls have been decorated with old maps, photos and other pictures reflecting the hotel's early days and times.Al and Elissa Strati sold the hotel to Moses and Brena Mercer in 2003. Hotel La More continues to offer clean, quaint, cozy rooms with a continental breakfast in the dining room.